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Application of red copper tubes

2019/03/27 10:13
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The red copper tube is one of the copper tubes, which can conduct heat and will not crack under high ambient temperature and can be used normally.

The red copper tube features fine structure and low oxygen content. It has no stomata, trachomatis and porosity, and has good electrical conductivity. The die surface will have high precision through its electrical erosion. It adopts heat treatment process, so the electrode has no direction, and is suitable for fine grinding. It has good pyroelectricity, machinability, ductility, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics.

Application: it can be used in electrical appliances, distillation building and chemical industry, printing electrical circuit board, copper belt and air cushion for covering electric wires and bus terminal. The red copper tubes for electromagnetic switch, brush pot and house root plate can also be used for connecting the indoor and outdoor units of air conditioners, so many air conditioner manufacturers use air conditioner copper tubes as air conditioner connecting tubes. Because the good material of the copper tubes, the refrigerant can be used to exchange heat in the pipe, thus speeding up the cooling or heating efficiency of air conditioners and reducing the consumption of electricity and refrigerants.