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We supply slow-feeding wire electrodes for electric spark drilling machines

2019/03/27 10:13
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Slow-feeding wire is a kind of NC machine tool that uses continuously moving fine metal wire (called electrode wire, generally copper wire and molybdenum wire) as the electrode, carries on pulse spark discharge to workpieces, produces high temperature of above 6,000 degrees, erodes metals, and cuts metals into workpieces.

The electrode copper tubes for slow feeding wires of electric spark drilling machines, also known as copper tubes for drilling machines, are the electrodes for the spark-erosion machine tool to machine small holes, and are often used in processing special holes (round hole, square hole, polygonal hole, special-shaped hole), 4 qL, microporous, etc., such as cold punching die, drawing die, extrusion die, nozzle, special holes and small holes in spinning jets and wire cutting auxiliary holes of dies, with the existing specification ofΦ0.1~Φ3.0.