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[Manufacturer of electrode copper tubes] shares the safe operation rules of drilling machines

2019/03/27 10:14
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Safe operation rules of drilling machines:

1. Read the Instruction for Use of the machine carefully before starting the machine. If you are not familiar with the machine, do not move the machine arbitrarily to avoid safety accidents.

2. Check whether there is enough purified water in the water storage bucket before daily operation.

3. The clamping, calibration and feeding direction of copper tubes for electrodes should be perpendicular to the table plane.

4. Check regularly that the oil in the lubricator is sufficient and that the mechanical oil circuit is not blocked.

5. When using the electrode copper tube, be careful not to bend the electrode copper tube or make it dirty and blocked, otherwise it will cause electrode burn and discharge instability.

6. Use the guide nozzle appropriate for the copper pipe diameter, or otherwise it will make the machining diameter bigger and cause processing difficulties.

7. In the process of electrical discharge machining, do not touch the workpiece and the head of the machine at the positive and negative electrodes with both hands respectively, so as to avoid electric shock accident.

8. After the completion of processing, clean the work site, wipe and clean the machine tool and cut off the power supply of the system to achieve civilized production.